The City Government of Calapan is dedicated to advancing progress and sustainability through benchmarking activities.

City Mayor Malou Flores-Morillo, City Councilor, Atty. Jel Magsuci and the city’s department heads recently visited San Pablo City, Laguna, to observe their impressive Waste-to-Energy project. This innovative initiative holds great promise for Calapan’s waste management, offering a sustainable solution that can drive positive change.

The integration of a sustainable waste management system presents a significant opportunity for urban centers like Calapan to address environmental concerns effectively. The innovative approach showcased in this project serves as a powerful reminder of the impact possible through community-driven efforts.

Mayor Morillo also emphasized the importance of ongoing cooperation to build a cleaner and greener city for all. She also added that the establishment of a sustainable waste management system in Calapan not only enhances environmental sustainability but also contributes to economic growth and social well-being. It creates new opportunities for innovation, job creation, and community development, ultimately fostering a more resilient and thriving city for current and future Calapeños.