In a pivotal meeting held on June 27, 2024, the City Trade and Industry Department (CTID) spearheaded

discussions aimed at alleviating the plight of local hog raisers in Calapan City who have been severely impacted by African Swine Fever (ASF). Chaired by City Administrator, Ms. Penelope Belmonte, the meeting brought together key officials from the CTID and other CGC employees who are set to play integral roles in the proposed project.

In response to the urgent need for support within the ASF affected communities, the CTID’s Industry Development Division put forth a comprehensive proposal for the identification and implementation of a training program tailored to the specific needs of hog raisers in Calapan City. Drawing from the ongoing Department of Agriculture (DA) programs for ASF recovery, the proposal outlines the necessary processes and envisions a roadmap for the rehabilitation of the local hog industry.

Central to the proposal is the introduction of various livelihood alternatives that have been successfully implemented in other provinces grappling with ASF. To translate the proposal into action, the City ASF Training and Livelihood Project Management Team is set to be established, bringing together representatives from several city government departments and offices.

As Calapan City gears up to implement these strategies with collaborative efforts and targeted interventions, the city, headed by Mayor Marilou Flores-Morillo, is poised to turn the tide on the challenges posed by ASF and set a course for recovery and resilience in the days ahead.