Calapan City Mayor Malou Flores-Morillo’s message to the association of Calapeños USA International

It is such an honor to represent our kababayans back home in Calapan City at ngayon, hindi lamang bilang kababayan ninyo kundi bilang inyong kauna-unahang babaeng Punong-lungsod.

We strive to build a better Calapan — more vibrant, culture-rich, and dynamic with a government that advocates for the delivery of Equitable social services, revitalization of the local Economy, and the promotion of Environmental sustainability.

It is always inspiring to see fellow Calapeños who may have gone far from home to find a different path and future, but have always cherished the values that define us as Mindoreños: passion for life, compassion for others, resourcefulness, diligence and discipline, love for country, and faith in God.

But more than commemoration, the present is also about paying tribute to all the Calapeños who pushed and kept moving forward, who made countless sacrifices to always win against adversity, and have always valued excellence and honor.

The stories of Calapeños in the United States of America will always be a testament that pride and love of country has no borders.

I hope and pray that we continue to be the representation of KALAP-resilient and strong when united.

Mabuhay ang Association of Calapeños – USA International! Mabuhay ang Lungsod ng Calapan!