Anti-Dengue Misting Operation

WATCH | The City Government of Calapan is currently conducting a misting operation to combat dengue. In this instance, the team from

the City Health and Sanitation Department led by Dr. Basilisa Llanto has begun their misting operation in Barangay Lalud. This initiative underscores the city government’s dedication to controlling the spread of dengue and ensuring the well-being of Calapenos.
The team led by Mr. Ferdinand Castromero from the Provincial Health Office went to Sitio Avocado, Cherry, and the School Site, where they conducted the misting operations in a total of 50 households.
Misting help control the spread of dengue by targeting and eliminating adult mosquitoes that carry the dengue virus. The misting process involves spraying insecticides in areas where mosquitoes breed and live, effectively reducing their population. By reducing the number of mosquitoes, the chances of dengue transmission from infected mosquitoes to humans are minimized. This proactive approach plays a crucial role in preventing dengue outbreaks and protecting the community from the disease.