Preferred/Priority Investment Areas
Agro-industrial business
Fruits, food and vegetable processing, livestock, poultry, fishing and aqua-culture, cold storage facilities, ricemills, cornmills and feedmills post-harvest facilities, establishment of agri-industrial processing center, abattoir, high valued crops and similar agro-businesses like coconut, by-products utilization, etc.
Light manufacturing/processing industries
Ceramics and other stone construction or non-metallic materials processing furniture, woodcrafts and furnishings, jewelry/fashion accessories, electronics, hardwares and softwares, garments, footwears, toys, giftwares, farming/ fishing, machineries and tools, glasswares, light metal products/metal industry, etc.
Tourism facilities
Mid-range business hotels, motels, etc., beach and inland resorts, theme parks, restaurants and similar facilities, marts, malls, department stores, etc.
Transshipment facilities
Bonded warehouses, container vans, port infrastructures, multi-modal transport terminals, airlines, shipping, cargo and forwarders, air freight services, etc.
Property development
Private industrial estates, business parks condominiums, commercial/office buildings, residential area development/ subdivisions, sports and fitness centers, etc.
Development of other environment-friendly enterprises/
manufacturing/production/basic engineering industries
Construction materials, potable water system development, irrigation system manufacturing/processing plant, electric power/power generating plants, transmission and distribution utilities, marine and agri-industrial enterprises, metal craft production, biological and natural/organic pesticides and other agricultural treatments, natural/organic fertilizers, herbal medicines, leather products, other machineries motor and automotive, car assemblies, body building parts and accessories, communications and transportation system, pharmaceuticals and laboratories, sanitary landfill/material recovery facility, petroleum distribution, etc.
Financial Institutions
Rural banks, commercial banks, foreign banks, financing and lending companies, pawnshops, savings and thrift banks, development banks, etc.
Business Process Outsourcing
Call centers, medical transcriptions, etc., branches of Schools, Colleges and Universities