“As I promised you, that if I win the election, I will give school supplies to all the children who are studying in Public Schools in our city,” said City Mayor Mayor Malou Flores-Morillo when he led the distribution of school bags and school supplies under his program ‘RIGHT School Supplies For Chikitings’ at Calapan Central School.

1,127 total number of students attending Calapan Central School out of which 459 students from Kinder to Grade 2 were given school back pack containing notebooks, crayons and pencils while 668 are est students from grade 3 to grade 6 received of eco-bag containing the same school supplies.

According to Mayor Malou, “If you want, there are a lot of ways to provide the needs of the students.” Because it’s his dream that all Calapeño youth will finish their education if so he will do his best to make it come true.

Through School Principal Ms. Agnes Santiago, the school leadership extended its eternal gratitude to the City Government of Calapan for the aid given which is of great help to the children’s education.

Successful implementation of the program ‘RIGHT School Supplies For Chikitings’ through the TAMA Center Services under the leadership of Mr. Robin Clement Villas.

City Councilor Atty also became a partner in the said task. Ricka Goco, Education Officer Ms. Myriam Lorraine Olalia, Community Affairs Officer Mr. Avelino Tejada and Barangay Council of Calero headed by Barangay Captain Randy Ahorro. 💜🏫✏️